Monday, October 10, 2011

Thanksgiving Ride

me slowing down Jason...

rolling through the leaves
 The second bike ride in a row and my body is now in shock from the activity. I feel like it's early season riding after time off the bike from a long nasty winter. It's not. It's October! The month when most people are in their prime. Well not me...

running into people with pythons around their necks is not an everyday
 occurrence, this guy was awesome
Joining Jason for today's ride was a good decision. Being by myself again in rough non riding shape would have probably forced a quick return to the Jeep. That is one great thing about joining up with other people as you are always pushed to go the extra mile whether it be distance or pushing the limits.

I guess the theme of today's ride was Jason asking me "what about these trails?" and me quickly replying "hills man! Too many hills..." I waited for him to come slap me but thankfully the back of his hand never came. We rolled through lower Ewok, Capilano (there's hills there) crossed and came back on the north side of the river valley. A river valley that is showing off it's incredible colour right now.

Beer Friday.Dandy Brewing & Blindman Brewing, Together IPA

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