Monday, January 2, 2012

An Opening Flub for Twelve

I thought I fixed my problem with the skipping drivetrain that ruined my ride on Boxing day. All my bolts were loose on my chain rings so I tightened them and quickly forgot about the problem, after patting myself on the back of course! Within a minute of riding out of Capilano park I knew I was screwed!

I resorted to pushing the small ring and climbing up to Ada boulevard and back down repetitively... Which got boring right away and quickly my first ride for Two Twelve was a dud!

Oh well... The highlight was the sound of all the coyotes in the river valley. They all decided at once to talk to each other and it was almost surreal. Both sides of the valley were singing which added to the sound of all the traffic and the fire engines that seemed to be lost. It's pretty cool to think of all the coyotes that are down there blending in and going unnoticed. Until they decide to speak of course...

And to the guy who decided he would be safe and smoke a joint in the Capilano rest stop rather then smoking it in the safety of all the forest that surrounded him. I say well done sir!

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