Thursday, January 26, 2012

We Have Been and are Currently Experiencing Technical Difficulties

I kinda feel like the guy on the left right now

If you haven't noticed, things here have been a "tad" off kilter. No riding, and no beer reviews. I can't even post up a photo dump as my camera has been sitting idle alongside my bikes and home beer reviewing kit (I bought that at WalMart  two years ago)

Dare I blame.... Work? Yes, but those faithful ones who come on here would only think that I have ill feelings towards my job. That isn't the case. Truth is I love what I do right now. Which deep down scares me as I know it can't last forever.

There are major changes happening right now which have my undivided attention. Nothing serious, just the switching of shops thats all. Thus all my might and energy have been sadly focused away from the bikes. The bikes ok now but I don't have the time. A ride tonight that was planned and is now a distant figment of my imagination. Where would I have gone? What would I have encountered? Every ride in the Edmonton river valley usually entails some sort of story doesn't it?

See you sometime soon...

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