Saturday, February 4, 2012

Lung Bustin

 A quick return back to the valley and it was every bit as good as yesterday. The focus today was climbing and trying to blow all the bad shit out of my lungs that I may have ingested while running through a smoky shop.

The legs were quite sore from yesterday and they let me know. A few trips up to Forest Heights and down attacked from both sides with a few mid climb stops so that I could hold on to a tree and try not to throw up.

The highlight of today! Almost getting passed by a female jogger on one of the attempted climbs. She was hot on my tail but my pride helped me pull away from her... Once at the top I faked a minor drivetrain problem, primarily to try to get ahold of myself and try not to pass out! Good Lord I'm in rough shape right now!

edmonton fire rescue playing on the river
new shorts? maybe it's time

This is Getting Repetitive

\ Welp, after fixing the glaring grammatical error on yesterday's post it is time to write another Cameron Heights start post work bike ...