Saturday, March 10, 2012

Riding. Mill Creek- Downtown & Everywhere In between

 This one was much deserved after spending the Winter skirting around the idea of riding my bike. With no work or any sort of serious responsibilities (well, you know. Besides family) I took advantage of the fine weather in the still somewhat cool morning and ended up downtown, something that seems to happen quite regularly in the Springtime temperatures...

I call it Spring fever! There is always something special about the first few warm weeks of the year. So I always venture out of the valley and ride around town. It is something that happens every year. The Spring time downtown bike rides... I love em!

As always the thing one sees when he or she rides around town on a nice day.... well especially the seedy parts. Can be a tad well... shall I say interesting? Today; A group of people smoking God knows what! I caught a whiff of it and all I could think of was Hizenberg. Two people  on separate occasions urinating on the sides of buildings topped off my downtown visit, I do that in the trees if you were wondering...

potty break below the shaw
 After a downtown visit I escaped back into the valley and rode down some stairs to the bottom of the valley which seemed to heavily entertain a couple of dog walkers. I crossed the Gretz, and suffered on a long climb out into Forest Heights. The snow had become alot more spongy since my morning ride through Mill Creek and I had to fight through it all the way back to the Jeep making the return trip a chore, a chore that I would choose over and over.

train spotting 
before the descent back into the valley... 

Happy Monday