Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Riding. Mill Creek- Kinsmen

One of the better after work rides one could ever have. The bike, the legs, and the lungs pushed on through the Canada Cup trails like one who claims to ride lots should. The only break of the evening came on the above photo before my crossing of the Dudley. B Menzies and up the hill to the Legislature (on the good dirt parts of course).

A quick return on the North side with some more hill climbs thrown in, and back through my favourite little creek. Only to see a bikini model shoot going on right in the middle of the good singletrack. I would have taken a picture but I'm sure the model was already a little creeped out by my consistent circles around the shoot and staring as I let drool run down the side of my left cheek with my mouth half way open. Yes. I can pull off "creepy" real good when I want to...

Happy Tuesday