Sunday, June 24, 2012

Warm Sunday

Weary legs on a humid day seem to go hand in hand with cheesy choreographed performances and lip synced singing. I wondered at first if it's because I'm still not close to being in fair shape for the season but something about today felt awfully familiar with riding on humid days. Yes the legs were wobbly but it was still one of the bigger rides of this season. 38 kilometers may seem short for a good weekend run to lots (and myself included) but considering this year and the way it's been going it was a great ride.

A ride that took me from Mill Creek and everywhere in between that and Hawerlak gave me rewards with trips down Groat Road Rollercoaster and Mckinnon. A spandex laced yuppy on a skateboard gave me something to giggle about after watching his traumatic wipeout while trying to become aerodynamic while navigating his way down a steep hill. Yes I'm an asshole, but if you saw this you would agree that it was good stuff.

The humid hot weather gave way to rain on my way back and I was enjoying the dry trails turn tacky and than to soup. It took a while for the complete change, being in the rain in the trees was another one of those moments one thinks about while at work, wishing they were riding.

wishing I was golfing.... not
that's good stuff right there

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