Saturday, August 4, 2012

Riding. Fort Saskatchewan

 Could this one be themed "the long hiatus ride?" I  think it should. It's been three weeks since Gord has been on a bike, his last ride in Fort Saskatchewan? Last Fall. My last ride in Fort Saskatchewan? Gimme a second... This one! Back in May. Well that has been a long time for myself a self proclaimed Fort Saskatchewan trail "junkie."

So I was more than honoured to head down for Gord's first ride in a long time on my favourite local trail.

The ride of course went as planned. That being said when you are off the bike for a long time one doesn't plan accordingly because quite frankly, you are out of sync. A quick realization that his helmet and gloves were still sitting on a bench at his house made us wonder if we should go back. We didn't, and Gord rode helmetless like a champ. Or one of those guys you see not wearing a helmet on a sketchy trail causing you to think WTF? Nevertheless he came away unscathed. Being out of sync goes a long way. I know first hand, you have legs that don't work, lines are picked poorly and so on.

Gord didn't have that bad of a ride considering it was his first in a long time,  and I was more than happy to ride with him when he was in rough shape as normally he would drop me like I was a bad date. The evil spirit in me did relish pulling away from him knowing all to well if he was feeling like "Gord" it would be a different situation. The ride did come to an end after a bad tire burp and a bent presta valve prevented any sort of inflation. We limped home with thunder rolling strongly not too far away...

pick your lines properly... I didn't

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