Saturday, November 17, 2012

Some Edmonton Bike Video Love

Below are some of the best riding videos I have seen done in the Edmonton area. The main criteria for myself when searching for videos is:

Time. If it's over five minutes I won't even watch.

No bike parts or other riders while rolling and just a shaky trail? Pass.

Heavy laboured breathing and groaning while trying to climb? Unless your a hot girl. No thanks.

Music? That's a touchy issue, you the reader and myself have different tastes and we will put in whatever we think is awesome. Most of the videos I watch on mute and have my own iTunes playlist in the background. I do get a chuckle out of watching some guy with a full face helmet riding Mill Creek double track passing by families with dogs and strollers as they have Slipknot for their video music. That shit makes me giggle...

So rated from one to three. Here they are...

A video done for the EJ website and the best video I've seen in the Edmonton area. I had posted this when this blog started and have not seen anything to match this one. This guy did nail it with the music.


Finally! A decent Go Pro video that doesn't make you sick trying to follow. Some skinnies on one of my favourite trails.


The pick up truck burn out in the beginning of this one gives me Albertan goose bumps. For an amateur video, these kids have some talent, riding and filming. The music flows well with the video.


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