Monday, December 31, 2012

Closing Out Twelve

Getting out after being cleared by the powers that be from a nasty cold that crippled me for a chunk of the Christmas holidays. And it was great. The weather is pretty much perfect for any sort of outdoor activity. Wisely. I chose to ride my bike.

The trip went from the Cloverdale park across the river and to the Dudley bridge. A crossing was to be had and I climbed the hills up to the University a few times. A crossing was made again under our stupendous light rail train traffic and I climbed up to the Parliament grounds for a High level crossing and a trip home on the Southside of the river.

A perfect end to a not so perfect year.

somebody is up to something, at least he's not doing it at a sporting event, that's the worst..
the joys of warm weather winter riding

Fort Icekatchewan

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