Monday, January 28, 2013

A Good Reason To Leave Early

potty break on the multi use, it's so much easier in the winter
With the return of the deep freeze it was a quick early exit from work for a very rare Monday evening ride. I quickly left as I realized this afternoon that I forgot to pack my lights, so like any other sensible employee, I ditched work and went for a bike ride cause you know... Riding in the dark is scarier than shi... Wait a tic. It isn't so bad down there.

The ride from Mill Creek to Dawson bridge went off with no problems. I finally found my recovery power after climbs is getting better. A nice feeling after such a long time of suffering hard every time I climbed in the valley. Albeit, that being said. A new phenomena started on climbs which I dare not speak of now. Maybe the climbing fairies have come down to screw with my head or I still need to improve greatly on fitness (I'd bet it's the latter). In the meantime, if you see me unconscious with my bike below me in a garbled mess on what looks like a mid climb "incident" please do me a favour. Call the right people. Thanks.

a bummer of infinite magnitudes 

Sixtysix point Seventy-Four Kilometres

66.74 kms. Five rides.  Nope. not impressive at all for kms ridden but these would have been at zero with no rides if I was on night shift a...