Sunday, January 27, 2013

Riding. Cloverdale Park - Mckinnon

In a word the valley today looked "Incredible." Winter wonder was shining brightly on a perfect Winter day. Not too warm, not too cold. Thankfully people still seem to prefer malls and video games as opposed to going to the valley on a Winter day, it was reasonably quiet considering the weather conditions. A large number of bikers were out, lots riding fat bikes, and some people "snowshoeing" on the hard packed multi use trail.  Silly, silly people. That would have been worth taking a picture of but I didn't feel like stopping and camera fetching at the time.

I ended up in Mckinnon where  the temperatures dropped quite significantly and was teased by the singletrack once again. It's great in the Winter and infinitely better in the dry seasons. I kept it on the North side for most of the ride other than riding across Cloverdale bridge for the beginning and return back to the parking spot.

mckinnon singletrack, you sultry temptress you
a rare port-a-john potty break

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