Thursday, January 3, 2013

Afterwork Redemption

Could it be? Another after work ride in less than a month? The second day back from a long Christmas holiday and the valley was waiting.  Extremely nice weather did not dissuade me nor did it to lot's of other people. Arriving just as the sun was going down the masses were starting to leave as the darkness crept in and the temperatures dropped slightly.

A ride from Mill Creek up to the top of Forest Heights and down to the North side. Little action happened other than a slight panic attack when I thought I left my camera lens cover at the only place I stopped to take a picture. A quick check in the Camelback and all was good. Back at home base the little evil voices inside my head may be getting beaten down by the good ones who love riding by screaming "RIDE MORE! IT'S THE CATS ASS!"Maybe I can keep this up. This bike riding thing is truly the cats ass.

Chafe Chaser. Lung Puncher

 I had enough. I had to get out. With the high heat we have had forest fire smoke infest our area making things go from kinda shitty to supe...