Friday, January 4, 2013

Beer Friday. Ceres, Red Erik

Rounding out the last of the beer Friday "Holiday" beers. Although I'm back into the work routine now since Wednesday, sadly I finally sank into the official routine today as it took two full long working days. I like to think last nights bike ride is what officially broke me back into the routine. Physical activity does magic to ones soul, combine that with mountain bikes and the awesome river valley and you have a pretty powerful life aphrodisiac.

According to Wikipedia, this brewery closed in 2008. Well Wiki? I call bullshit to that one. A link to the website here may only confuse you, or maybe it's just me. The only beer on the site is their strong ale, with no mention of Red Erik, the beer under scrutiny tonight. This was a donated beer from some time ago so if you can find it (which you probably will if you dig deep....Stupid Wikipedia) I didn't dig all that deep as I'm holding out for a raise from those tight wad Lonebiker executives.

The pour showed a fiery red beer that reminded me of a sunset on an incredibly nice Fall day in Fort Saskatchewan. I fought hard once pouring to get some sort of head out of this red wonder near the end of the pour and my heart was appeased with a one fingered head, as the beer was downed marvelous lacing remained on the glass all the way to the top. As I drank it the bitter hops mixed with a sweet syrup taste that didn't make me happy,  drinking this it was no longer Friday anymore and I was back at work on a Monday morning. In other words... Not great. I was reminded of medicine with this one.

This beer gets 0.5 suds out of 5

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