Sunday, January 20, 2013

Back to Cold

I must have a strange connection to riding my bike in the frigid cold weather. Three rides in a row last week in plus eight degree weather and I didn't make it. Now that it plunged down to negative twenty something I finally made it out. Putting the bike and all my assorted equipment in the truck made me think twice about going. It is NFL Championship Sunday after all. Wait a minute... No Seahawks! To the trails!

The parking lot in Capilano was completely empty. No signs of people or anything living was there to make me feel a bit more comfortable.  Not even tire tracks. One I parked oddly three vehicles pulled in and I felt like those people were waiting to see if I'd go into the park or not. It was a short ride that was not all that special. Fresh snow covered the ground resulting in a little bit more effort needed. In the end the cold crept in and I retreated back to my cave.

a river crossing and cold looking refineries

A Bitter Disappointment

It was a ride in the making all week long after Tuesday's roll through Leduc and then Wednesday's fun Cameron to Fort Edmonton run. ...