Thursday, January 10, 2013

Winter Hath Cold Fury

With the temperatures plummeting on this, my next planned ride I fought the evil demons that wanted me on the couch and made it out after work on a miserably cold night. The upside? Not needing the lights a good 40 minutes into this one is a sure sign of a coming Spring, although the temperatures this evening showed zero signs of Spring returning anytime soon.

The ride that started in Mill creek almost was turned around as I didn't adjust to the bitter temperatures. It was ironically right after I took the above and below pic that I felt better and kept rolling. I rolled across the river and climbed up past the Shaw and decided against heading to the lovely white LRT bridge. A good move as halfway home the cold seemed to have crept in and take over leaving me miserable for the return to the truck. I've been in colder temps and it didn't get to me like it did tonight. This one really got to me.

Sore Legs and Pure Happiness

 "Fat bikes fucking rule" a guy yelled at me with an ear to ear grin as our fat bikes crossed paths deep in the tight treed single...