Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The King & I

The first official ride on the Moots in the thirteen and I see why this bike will always be the King in my quiver. Rolling through the fast technical singletrack in the log cabin area made me tear up with joy. This bike is true quiver killer ladies and gentleman. The response of the hardtail frame when rolling through the joyful goodness cannot be matched by any bike, and that Altitude is one hell of a ride so far.

The ride did come to an abrupt end when I came across a passed out girl who was foaming at the mouth. There were two ladies there already without phones so I officially completed my 911 trifecta and called for an ambulance. That is police, fire, and now ambulance who I have summoned down to the valley on a bike ride. The girl woke up when the medics arrived and wasn't being very helpful. I asked if there was anything else they need, they thanked me and I left. I knew the ride was over after that. I tried to hit some more singletrack but could not get back into it.

With an end to the first Moots ride I hope to be able to ride this weekend. A rather large painful bump has manifested itself on my inner thigh. I'd like to place blame on the new saddle. I was extremely sore on Saturday night, and Sunday's ride. Thus a took a couple days rest only to discover this thing on my leg on tonights ride. With tonights events it wasn't on my radar, but now that I'm home and can barely sit and type this I might have a problem. Damn, this mountain bike season has been starting good...

when potty breaks occur, do us all a favour and do them off the trail

things could have been a lot worse in mill creek, go hug a firefighter right now

Fort Icekatchewan

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