Friday, July 5, 2013

Armageddon in Fort Saskatchewan

After a rather annoying bout with allergies I finally got out for some scouting in my beloved Fort Saskatchewan, well of course after having to drive all the way home to pick my helmet and shoes. I think I might have to get a preride checklist going soon.

Sadly, the river wreaked it's havoc rather severely. I expected damaged trails but had no idea things were this bad. I lost count of downed trees, and lost count of washed out trails that simply fell into the river. This makes 2011 look like a cakewalk. I tried making it as far as the boat launch but was turned away from a running pipe that was flooding the trail. The damage here is crazy and seeing the power the water truly has was quite scary. Large trees were picked up and thrown across trails. There were branches and ripped apart trees suspended in the air. There will be more damage in the coming weeks and months as more sections of trail fall into the river, there are lots of jeopardized sections. So if you go check it out, keep your wits about.

This really is crap, I can't see this trail system ready for a long time, for those who know it you probably are not surprised considering how close it is to the river. I would be very surprised if its ready this year and even wonder about it being in complete jeopardy.

If anyone knows anything about trail repairs happening here please contact me, there is an email address in the about me right below the links.

tree after tree after tree down
river sludge
one of many sections of washed out trails
more washed out trails 
ripped apart trees suspended in mid air
this was my turn around point, running water greeted me flowing out of a storm pipe flooding the trail

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