Saturday, July 6, 2013

Terwillegar Bites Back

A mid morning ride in Terwillegar park, a place that I have put down countless times. A place where the dogs outnumber the mountain bikers by about 20-1, a good number of those dogs are well behaved but there are few owners who let them do pretty much anything. Another problem is the amount of traffic in this little park is ridiculous, the want to be on the cover of Outside magazine trail runner guys get in the way her more often than any other place in this huge valley. For those who have ridden a long time may remember a great down hill on the West side that is now a big pile of paved bullshit that use to make you feel you were entering a remote area. Now a bridge is at the bottom of that great "once was" downhill. Sad indeed.

Now though if you cross the bridge it leads to a trail with huge potential. Some call it "Breathless,"after today I renamed it "Overgrown and now Shitty". This mornings ride was great despite fighting allergies quite badly and I started to grow feelings for this trail system yet again when I rolled my ankle getting off my bike for a quick rest in the middle of a tough climb. I had elaborate stories in my holster for people when they ask what happened when they see me. Things like a busload of virgin nun pornstars were under attack by ninjas and I saved the day, alas my brain kicked in and I didn't want to look like a giant asshole. Everyone knows virgin nun pornstars.. Busloads of them even! Are not native to this part of the world. Thats a central California thing.

The pain was quite severe and I used my bike as a crutch to get up to residential where I rode back with one foot while the other was suspended in the air warranting strange looks by many people. I really didn't care and wondered how I could drive home with a bummed foot and seemed to make out quite fine. Sitting here now typing this my ankle has puffed up quite nicely resembling a bullfrogs throat. So yes Terwillegar. You win this round for all the shame I put you through. Just don't bite me again when I'm better and want to come back, because I will be back.

a fine place to smoke cigarettes and drink beer, as proven by all the shit on the ground (which you cannot see of course in the picture)
bushwacking can only go so far, I got sick of not seeing my front tire and soon turned around

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