Thursday, September 26, 2013

A Cool Valley Ride

Another fine after work ride on mainly paved trails as I still patiently wait for more healing to take place. The temptations were incredible to man up and ride some singletrack. I am sure an old pervert sitting in his old mini van outside a strip club had the same aspirations to go inside as I did to ride that sweet sexy singletrack. All the signs pointed to amazing as the weather was perfect and I could tell the trail conditions were pretty much the same as the weather, all that and they are now slowly being covered in leaves... sigh. I think I need a few moments alone.

From Mill Creek to Capilano park on the south side where a river crossing took place and I made it back home on the north end of the river. Nothing out of the ordinary tonight, a few ignorant dog walkers and a lot of good ones (see, I'm not discriminating). This might sadly be it till this coming Monday, hopefully Saturday morning a ride might emanate from the deep murky depths of my den. Who knows, you can probably expect a double beer review on Saturday night though. How wacky is that!

maybe the new mayor will get us a swing on this son of a bitch...

Fort Icekatchewan

 Some sketchy moments today as it seemed to be a bit icy and then it transitioned to super sketchy icy as I started in Turner park and made ...