Saturday, September 14, 2013

Hawerlak! Say What?

A ride started in a place I never thought I would start a bike ride. Hawerlak park. This may be the only time so I thought I would enjoy the moment and enjoy the moment I did. I rode a bike! Not just any bike, the Rocky Mountain got it's first kick at the cat since the big injury ride. It's funny looking back and reading it cause I had no idea how long this would end up carrying on. I really milked this one now did I ?(my wife is currently standing behind me and shaking her head in agreement).

This morning's ride was short and slow. Still the same pains are there plus a new one, a horrible new saddle sore that has come up and bitten me in the... Well ass. I guess that was expected to happen.

Some more dirt was experimented with and I felt the Altitude lunge at the very prospect of off road riding. I turned back towards the paved trails once I knew of technical goodness ahead of me and could feel the displeasure in the poor Rocky Mountain beauty. It may have been sad but being out as opposed to sitting in my den like it has for the last ten weeks was a much better way to spend a Saturday morning.

the turn around point, no visit to terwillegar, that hill was a no-go this morning
it is now lonebiker code to get a picture of this magnificent beast when in the area

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