Sunday, September 15, 2013

Go East Young Man

Well that title isn't really correct now is it? I started on the east side and went west so it should have had the same title as Friday. These are sadly thoughts that go through my tiny little brain when writing on here.

A trip to the Science Park for another slow easy ride. The good news is riding in the lowest granny gear while climbing incites no bad pain anymore. Saddle sores are now more of a problem but could be much worse all thanks to certain feminine products I dare not speak of on here... Yet, I just did...

Heavy winds were the order of the day and some more dirt with singletrack happened. I quickly learned that standing while descending is a very bad idea as shards of pain reverberated through my foot and up my leg. I screamed very loudly and calmly to myself not to do that again. That forced me on my saddle while descending which I can only imagine looked very odd. An ok ride today that was capped off by a lady scaring the hell out of me while taking the top picture. That whole Science Park area just gives me the creeps.

This is the last posting of GPS tracks for now. So enjoy this one kids!

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