Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday's Really are Awesome

The last ride of my sudden mini holiday which came from getting the green light to ride from the Doctor. This one was one of the best of the year. Keep in mind my year has been quite shitty where most peoples best rides take place in the mountains, mine was for the most part spent on a couch waiting for my poor ankle to heal.

The weather is unbelievable and it showed as the valley was quite busy for a Monday. Lots of groups of high school kids out on bikes which was entertaining to see as I saw every type of high school personality in those groups which made me chuckle and thank God I wasn't in high school anymore, then sadly I realized those personalities are still at work on an adult level.

As I approached the downtown core at lunchtime I was amazed at how many people were out walking and running for their lunch hour. I was also amazed at how responsive they all were to bikes. It was obvious these people spend lots of time down there and wished that the Sunday afternoon crowd could be remotely close to these people.

another obligatory shot of a high level crossing
my climb up the same route of the Tour of Alberta prologue, I'm guessing Peter Sagan was faster

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