Friday, November 15, 2013

No Beer, Just Some More Reminiscing

Yep, sorry. The beer can wait till maybe next week. With every bad television sitcom they have to have the reflecting in the past episodes when they have run out of material to do their dumb show. Boys, and girls this is what we have here lately on thelonebiker.  Lack of content. So I am gracefully going back and picking the best rides from the lonebiker era. So here are three more, if you choose to go back and click the links and read these do me a favour. Get some sappy jazz music playing in the background while reading this and if there is anything even slightly hinting at being funny. Get a laugh track going at those moments. Cause that shits killer for remembering.

IT HAD TO BE DONE < Something I did a lot in Two Thousand and Seven and Eight. Deciding to go riding on my way home from work. Normally I need to plan the whole day for a ride, a strange ritual I have gotten myself into. These rides were never planned and decided for stress relief on the last minute probably cause I was frustrated with severe redneck doofuses I worked with at the time. Since those rides happened I have always had an inkling to head out unplanned. They have always been incredible rides. This one happened last year.

BRIDGE NIGHT < An absolute Gem on a Monday night from this year. With the same theme from "It Had To Be Done" I almost gave up on this one watching the rain fall all day at work. I ended up going and turned it into a ritual of crossing every bridge I came across in the valley. This one was incredible.

SATURDAY MORNINGS SHOULD ALL BE LIKE THIS < Fall riding is simply the best riding of the year. Rides like this with snow on the ground and clean trails are magnificent. I still remember riding years ago on a day like this where the snow was falling and deer were beside me on the trails near old timers cabin in South Edmonton creating a euphoric moment. Like the deer ride this one was a ride that made feel good about being a mountain biker and not hiding inside on a couch like the current state I'm in.

Ft Saskatchewan, say no more...

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