Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ten Of My Favourite Blog Era Rides

This blog started four years ago with the very intention if it being my own personal diary with an added touch of narcissism on the side. I've always thought of each bike ride as it's own special entity since I started riding back in Nineteen Ninety Two. In Two Thousand and Five I started jotting down ride details in a scrap book sparingly when I had something memorable that happened. I carried a film camera as well sparingly over the many years and salivated at the riding pictures once I had some developed. The same with a digital camera, but never carried one consistently till about six years ago, I started an email chain where I would send out monthly ride reports to around twenty people whom most I presumed didn't care. I got off on going back and reading about my rides over time.

Eventually I realised you can do this very easily on your own website, and along came the blog. The Colorado and Utah posts that start this blog off were stolen from the final email chains I did. The first official lonebiker ride report was this one for Fort Saskatchewan.

Here are the first two links, yes I'm doing this in small doses, they are rated from Ten to One, with one being the best ride of the last four years since I started this. I would bet that you will now be in a state of utter euphoria as this countdown gets down to number three.

OWNED < This was something I did regularly. Day trips to Jasper, alone in the woods and wondering the whole time if I was going to be eaten. This day was no exception other than feeling like a bag of assholes on this one and being pretty hard on myself. Not a lot of write up as I remember being frustrated from this mountain trip. Yet it was a mountain trip, so it created lots of memories which I didn't bother writing about as I was pouting about how I felt.

SNOWY SATURDAY < Snow rides in Edmonton can sometimes be the best rides of the year. This was heavy wet snow that made it hard to ride in but the rewards were incredible. I was all alone on a Saturday morning and it was heaven. It's on here cause I still think about this ride from time to time and wished it would start snowing.

I'm sure if Cambodia was ten miles longer and maintained it would be the focal point of many incredible rides

This is Getting Repetitive

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