Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A New Years Eve Winter Wonderland Ride

With an exorbitant amount of snow that seems to have fallen this year I am sure happy Two Fourteen is tomorrow. Cause you know each year is different and next year might not have as much snow as two thirteen right.... ? That's how it works... Correct? Why does this seem so awkward when I'm by myself? My pet frog Achilles is even acting weird right now, looking the other way when I try and make eye contact.

So a ride from the Queen up to the Parliament and across the almighty High Level was done as the city was still plowing the trails in the valley, a ride that happened about four hours late as a planned early 7 a.m ride was scrapped all due to a terrible night. A sad thought as I would have been in the thick of the snow coming down in the dark and that boys and girls would have been beyond epic.

On a positive note I was happy with how well the bike tracked through the deep snow. The only time I had trouble was riding on the fresh powder over worn snow tracks, that was a tad frustrating at times. I was loving going through the deep powder, this was all on paved trails and I'm sure riding singletrack off road would be a different story. Or would it? Hmmm..

fresh fat bike tracks and nary a fat bike sighting, where they all hiding huh? 

Beer Friday (yes we know its saturday) Stanley Park Brewing, TrailHopper IPA

This post is brought to you by Google Chrome!  Well here we are and as promised a beer review happened after a miserably failed ride attempt...