Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy Fourteen

This years first ride was scrapped due to uncontrollable circumstances. The plan was for a morning ride and seeing as I am still in a housecoat sipping on a Starbucks Mocha Latte with a three p.m appointment it won't happen. No, there was no running around the neighbourhood naked at two a.m with a toilet paper roll unicorn horn duct taped to my head, drunk on malt liquor. So you can stop judging me.

I did however change up the blog appearance which is now an annual New Year tradition. A change up of the fonts is always in order as well. Several lonebiker employees were let go this morning as the changing of the fonts always creates incredible debates with loud screaming and me firing in an angry drunken rage. It's a lot of fun, I'm real passionate about this blog. A quick look at the stats which I don't look at too often made me tear up a bit, there are a lot of you coming on here every day. What can I say? I'm honoured! Here's wishing you all an incredible Two Fourteen!

Or maybe I teared up cause I was listening to this, the first "Happy Monday" of the year. Incredible...

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