Saturday, January 4, 2014

Cold and Confused

both pics, via iPhone
I had every intent of doing nothing but hill repeats today. Yes, all the intent in the world. I was primed to climb, turn around and climb again and repeat that process till I either passed out or puked, or maybe puked and then passed out hoping some unsuspecting hiker would come across my slow dying body and be faced with that moral question: "Should I help this poor son of a bitch? Or should I pretend I didn't see anything?" Chances are, with this weather the hiker would just keep on going and avoid the side of the valley I was on for the rest of his journey.

The ride started with a warm up with a rare crossing of the Low Level Bridge and then I began climbing, albeit quite slowly. As I got halfway up the cold arctic air was a bit too much to handle and I wondered if I would be passed out on the side of the trail staining the nice white snow with this mornings grapefruit and oatmeal. So I stopped, caught my wind and started again only to have that air feel like it was choking me. I then rode around Louise Mckinney park in circles wondering where to go a bit surprised at the amount of people out walking (I'm sure one of them would have saved me).

The ride continued out west to the mighty Dudley B Menzies bridge where a very cold and windy crossing took place and back to Walterdale bridge where another crossing took place to avoid hills on the journey back to the Jeep.

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