Thursday, January 23, 2014

Lights on at 5:42

Another after work ride through the glorious Mill Creek ravine with a route kept on the southside of the river where I climbed out and was in awe of yet another High Level Bridge crossing. What is with me and that bridge I often wonder to myself as I cross it with tears of euphoria streaming down my face? Was tonights headphone music part of the trigger which turned this crossing into epic awesomeness? Ahhh, fooled you. I wasn't listening to that. it was this I was listening to. I swear!

The ride was indeed another gooder! Aside from this warm weather we have been having which I am really not too fond of, of course. The ice was not nearly as bad as it was on Tuesday which makes sense as this warm weather is quietly wreaking havoc, just wait till it gets cold again. The only downer was being chased by some complete idiots dog in Mill Creek, it happened Tuesday night as well and I really cannot believe the nerve some people have by bringing their untrained dogs down to Mill Creek. Tonights dog chased me and kept nipping at my foot. One of these rides I'm going to stop my bike, walk up to the owner and bite the stupid fucker.

spot the lrt and I will come over to your place and make you breakfast*
there really are lot's of great places in this city
 *Disclaimer. I won't come to your place and make you breakfast, that was a stupid thing to say. Please don't send emails.

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