Sunday, March 16, 2014

Riding and Coughing Part Two

 Trying to make the most of the weekend with rides on Saturday and Sunday all with an annoying cough that would strike whenever I tried climbing out of the valley.

The route on todays Capilano ride on the north side through the seedy areas of downtown and back into the valley for a return on the south.

Today's ride featured lots of people dodging, with a lot of shady people dodging in the downtown area. The weather is bringing everybody out. The highlight of the ride would have to be what felt like my ass crack sticking out and mocking all the vehicles and pedestrians behind me. I knew I was well covered as I kept pulling down my wind breaker and it felt to be giving me the sufficient coverage that I needed. The feeling of being exposed was strongly evident as the regular riding tights were not worn today. Aside from the wardrobe malfunction the ride was indeed a delightful one (with the exception of coughing so much of course).

heavy amounts of gravel plague the paved trails in the valley 

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