Saturday, March 15, 2014

Riding and Coughing

With a cough cough here, and a cough cough there I rode this morning after a week of the flu. As expected it wasn't a long ride by any means which is what really pissed me off about getting sick in the first place... Why me? I asked several times to unopen ears at home over the course of last week.

This morning's ride took me from the Queen, across the river and on the Northside to Groat bridge where I crossed and rode the hills back to the Jeep. The change in weather and trail conditions since the last time I was out was quite astounding. Dry pavement was everywhere on the north and the south was still quite heavy with ice in certain shaded areas. The same as any other year I guess. "I don't think the studded tires are a necessity anymore" I thought to myself while on the northside naively forgetting about the pattern of the river valley melt.

The confusion on being out in the warm weather was clearly evident as I started with a toque (which was quickly shed) and Winter gloves with a Winter underlay underneath my Winter riding jacket. The legs were fine but the feeling of being quite uncomfortably warm was resonating through every being of my Winter biker equipped body part. It's Spring and my stupid flu made me forget. Not only was I uncomfortable but my GPS died mid way back to the Jeep. I was clearly not well prepared for today.

mud is back, wonder how sick everyone will be of this stuff after another rainy year?

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