Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Has Sprung or Has It?

The first official ride of Spring and the temperatures have dropped back to Winter like conditions. Although the weather is more like a nice Winter day but considering it's Spring now it could be a bit warmer. Yes the amnesia seems to have kicked in again and I forgot we are the most northern major city in Canada. It's expected to get cold here.

The ride which ended in a bonk began by the Queen and went through the Laurier dog park where yours truly was chased by yet another dog. Should I start carrying my bear spray for moments like these? I never would do that to an innocent dog, I was referring to the owner being sprayed. Aside from more dog bullshit the valley was incredible. Trails on the North side seemed to be in better shape than the South but you could ride them again all thanks to the cold.

Extreme amounts of ice will be encountered if you venture into the valley so be careful out there kids! To think I had almost taken my studs off a little while ago, that would have spelled disaster for this late morning ride. Disaster did come as I had to bail from the mean hills of the South side on the return home all thanks to bonking where an awkward encounter with a female jogger happened on the North side on the way home..... It was all her and not me... Guys?... Guys? No seriously...

not quite the effect I was going for, oh well, too busy running from stupid dogs.

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