Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Morning Cruise

Another cold Spring morning spent in the amazing valley. I had an incredibly hard time getting out of bed in the morning, well every morning since I've been sick but I finally got out early enough to get on the bike for a spin before afternoon plans got in the way.

The trails and overall conditions were a complete repeat of yesterday. This ride was spent entirely on the paved paths though. Not all that exciting but much better than watching Sunday morning Netflix on the iPad wishing I was riding.

No dogs ruled by dumb owners today, in fact everybody down there this morning were river valley regulars who all smiled and said good morning as I wheezed past. It was cool to see these people because you can tell they loved life. They were in the river valley on a beautiful but cold Sunday morning and they were happy. Meanwhile the Costco, and South Common shoppers slept away...

another place to sit and ponder life and wonder if that homeless guy sleeping in the bathroom is going to try robbing you

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