Wednesday, April 2, 2014


I remember growing up and hearing how we have it so much better than our parents. The toys and technology were incredible compared to when they grew up. As an adult I would tend to disagree with that statement as all the cool technology kept kids cooped up as slaves in the house, which essentially is something technology does.

Then I saw this video... My jaw hit the table, and I fell onto the floor... "Where were these Go Pro's when I was a kid?" I muttered to my pet frog with whom I share my blogging table space with as I clambered back into my seat after hitting the ground with the realization of how awesome kids have it now. As a child with an overactive imagination I could not imagine having access to a Go Pro camera and going outside. Sadly, I have owned one now for a few years and never use it. I know that's the case with the majority of adults. Kids though, they get it. Once they peel themselves away from their Playstation's and iPads, going outside will be all that more fun.

GoPro: Life as a Six Year Old - Go Big and Go Home from GoPro on Vimeo.

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