Friday, April 4, 2014

Where The Hell Was My Fender?

Oh, that's what happened. The bike was brought to work earlier in the week but was sent home not for disrupting my nap time but a much more serious offense of my own accord. My legs were two pieces of shredded cabbage for most of the week all thanks to me trying to do something different and very unlonebikeresque. I started jogging... Hmmm, jogging you say? Yes, jogging. All in an effort to try and lose all that weight I am carrying around on my poor bikes. Yes, I know riding bikes has been known to be good for weight loss but I am looking for another edge. I am tired of the way my belly jiggles making me giggle like a naughty schoolgirl while flying through epic singletrack.

It's quite sad really. I went for a run Friday night after my morning ride and I could barely walk for three days. The pain subsided slowly throughout the week when I brought my bike in for an after work Wednesday spin. The weather was cold and blowing, everything was well frozen so the bike was brought sans fender. The legs still quite sore told me to wait a bit more before doing anything active and the bike went home along with my pre ride package which I threw into my Jeep this morning.

Holy shit! That was an intensely long explanation as to why I had no fender tonight soaking my ass miserably! I'm truly sorry, to those still reading: You are troopers! The ride tonight started in Mill Creek and sneaked over to the Low Level for a crossing and a climb where I descended down to the mouth of  the soon to be doomed footbridge. I shuddered and stayed on the north side to Dawson where I crossed and came home.

The lowlight of the ride was not being able to catch a high school kid on a very shitty bike without a care in the world. No helmet, jeans, and a hoodie parched over his dopey looking head, and me the seasoned biker with bike passion reeling out of every orifice giving chase. Nope. Not a chance, he dropped me like I was a bad smart phone.

Hence, Why I started jogging.

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