Sunday, June 15, 2014

I Felt Great This Morning... Honest.

Maybe riding today was not a real smooth move. Feeling rough from yesterdays trip through the trees I forced myself to go this morning. Now as I type this I feel as though death is upon me and am searching the internet to find out if I am sick or have a bad cold. It turns out after googling my symptoms I now may have leukemia, irritable bowel syndrome, polio, smallpox, a cold, and the bubonic plague. It goes to show folks, don't look up your symptoms on the Internet.

The ride started in Cameron Heights and I descended into Terwillegar where much singletrack was enjoyed. The plan was to ride to Fort Edmonton Bridge, cross and come back through Oleskiw all while unknowing if it would hook me back up to Cameron Heights. Nope. It didn't and I climbed out and ended up in the Edmonton Country Club. From there I got lost in endless boring residential but luckily I had my phone's GPS to save me.

As I am shivering hard right now I am finding it har to tYpe. I would love to talk more of this Fathers Day adventure but I hear the bath calling.

i smell a bridge, do you?
the scene of the crime where an ankle was broken,tsk tsk...

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