Saturday, June 14, 2014

Going to Costco on Saturday is Just Plain Dumb

Allergy season hit me hard this week forcing me to throw two rides away as I ran home after work and hide under my wife's skirt. That was two after work rides that I'm sure would have been ample in the "stiffy" department. This morning waking up and feeling the worst I felt all week I knew there was only one option after plans fell through with my daughter. Suck it up and go riding, otherwise I'd be one of those poor souls stuck at Costco on Saturday trying to find a good deal on an ample amount of toilet paper. It was an easy decision as I chose the river valley.

The ride was incredibly good aside from the heavy congestion forcing me to pull over several times to catch my breath. The mucus running down from my cheeks was not a good look but I didn't care. I was in the trees on a nice mountain bike on a Saturday. That right there is proof that life is awesome. The allergy problem didn't affect the ride overall and I finished what was planned.

The plan. Cloverdale bridge to the mouth of the Science Park on as much singletrack as possible. The trails are in superb shape right now and the Rocky Mountain proved it's worth in my bike quiver. The only thing holding the bike back was me as I had trouble with the real technical sections, the short power climbs owned me as well but strangely I climbed out of the steepness leaving Capilano Park up to Capilano bridge, I did have an audience on the bottom so that helped.

All the trails are in great shape, Cambodia, Ewok, Pot Luck, Rolling Below Rowland, and countless other which remain nameless in my psyche as I am not a group ride groupie were conquered today. The weather was perfect, the only complaint was the extreme running event held in Cambodia's quite trails. The trails were not so quiet as scores of runners and red flags polluted the area. This is me being grumpy right now but it's allowed. Mountain bike trails are mountain bike trails. They should remain as such. Now get off my lawn!

potty break on the altitude which completed it's first maiden voyage of Cambodia today after a few failed
attempts thanks to the weather, afterwards we celebrated with wine, crumpets, and enjoyed a nice warm bath
mid ewok east to west which transitioned into upper ewok, love how this trail system changes annually

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