Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mill Creek to High Level

Almost a repeat of yesterday as I arrived right after what looked to be a monsoon rain. This rainstorm looked a bit heavier as the puddles had more girth, you know... like a seasoned Wal Mart shopper. The wetness kept me off the singletrack because I'm a good boy and I stuck to paved and multi use. In fact a lot more multi use was ridden tonight than last night where a potty break turned into a discovery of abandoned shit right smack dab in the middle of some sweet singletrack leading into the trees. I was quite pissed when I saw it and was hoping to have the person responsible in front of me so I could smack that son-of-a-bitch in the face. Homeless and down on your luck or not, some people are dirtbags, that will never change.

The ride was much better than I expected while at work I felt myself bonking before even suiting up. Once in the valley I had more power on the climbs and kept it up right until the end of the ride. A far cry to the power I once possessed but I have accepted my now slow fat state and am proud and giggle loudly when my belly jiggles as I ride over a nice root garden. Thank you very much Beer Friday, thank you...

Just for that, Beer Friday has been cancelled for this weekend.

a failed seflie while crossing the great high level
this right here infuriates me

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