Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Soggy Shoes

This one had all the classic tales of a nice soggy wet ride:

*The taste of salt running into your mouth while climbing.
*Water logged shoes that sloshed with each pedal stroke (I quite enjoyed that tonight and I don't know why).
*Slippery wooden river valley bridges that will punish you immensely if you approach at speed and not riding straight ahead.
*Riding shorts that gently slap your leg while pealing cause they are completely waterlogged.
* Having to use my work clothes as rags to clean up once back at the Jeep so I could see, and safely drive home.
*Last but not least, a new problem I never had before. The salt that tastes ever so delicious kept running into my eyes causing me to pull over so I could wipe my eyes. It got quite irritating and there were times when one eye got bad enough the only relief was to ride with one eye closed. I had to close both eyes a couple of times, luckily I know the valley that well that I navigated like a champ.

The ride was short, in part due to the weather, and more importantly my eyes. It got quite annoying on the run from Mill Creek to Dawson bridge via Northside to South. I felt that I should have been riding the sweet hardtail as it was all paved and a little bit of multi use, but pre-ride planning gave me the full suspension beast which was enjoyed quite eminently. Although the bike isn't quite the same. The dropper post which is now in Vancouver in detention should be back in a couple weeks. Till then, a loaner post has been called into duty. Cause geez, on all that paved and multi use, I sure could have used my dropper post tonight.

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