Friday, June 13, 2014

On the Way to the Beer Testing Lab, Thing's Happened

Yes. There was an incident. The plan was to have a Beer Friday tester done this full mooned Friday the 13th but fate had it's way and we are now reeling. Do I blame the full moon and the evil 13th do this Friday of June. Yes... Yes I do.

Well truth be told I picked up a repeat. This happens from time to time, as I stood in the beer store I was quite confident this one was never reviewed on Lonebiker. Google proved me wrong once home.

I am having this one right now and I can say I was bang on with the review I did. I also see that number "33" looking up at me and quite frankly. I don't like it.

Happy Wednesday Eve

Work looms, rides end. Sadness begins.  A note on the grammar side of things here. Despite what I say it is a one man show here. The interns...