Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Yep. YEG Singletrack is Fantastic

Another hot day transitioning onto the evening and I had the honour of riding in the sticky, wet valley on an incredible evening.  Nights like this could be easily repeated daily and I would not complain one bit, this weather is incredible and if you are complaining about the heat I would hasten you to go insert a fingernail into a light socket and shut yo face. Winter will be here again and the trails will be covered in snow and ice and the cold will envelope us like an overbearing Mother. Wait a minute... I love riding in the Winter... Wait another minute... I'm getting a new Winter bike... Wait yet another minute... Fall riding will be here as well before Winter sets in. Wow. Life is awesome!

The ride from Mill Creek to Ewok Forest glory was short but awesome. The humidity did shorten it a bit plus I do have to watch the lungs. I exited from Mill Creek where I was hit up by a couple guys looking for cigarettes (that was a strange encounter) and hit the lower Ewok trail, climbed up and hit the upper trails and stumbled slightly on my hardtail. I blame the easy full suspension Rocky Mountain dream machine for spoiling me on the riding for the last few rides. Proving my point, if you want to learn to ride properly. It should be done on a hardtail.

two days before "hippies galore" take over this part of the valley, yes i'm jealous cause i want to go
wondering why this is happening in mill creek?  odd as there is no room to get by an oncoming rider

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