Saturday, August 9, 2014

Hippie Run In's.. It Must be Folk Fest

I have often referred to the Edmonton Folk Music Festival as 'hippie fest' and I am sure that may have  upset a few people but after today's run ins I agree that this festival is a true festival full of the hippies.  The ride started in Mill Creek, a now rare weekend event. Seeing a few people with folding chairs attached to their backs hiking down the trails toward the pyramids I quickly remembered what weekend it was and when I sarcastically thought about the chance of smelling pot, ironically I came around a corner and there was a group of five people in a circle smoking pot who didn't seem to care that I was there. I had to stop my bike and ask them to please move out of the way so I could get by. As I passed I jokingly asked if they were going to see Two Live Crew at the pyramids sadly to no laughter, not even a response. "Well I never!" I thought to myself and rode on. Lots of Birkenstock's wearing folk were out of course mixed in with regular folks walking down for a day of music in a pretty cool setting. Hippie run in number two occurred on a fun technical downhill right next to the site and the old guy would not move off the trail. Eventually after much bell ringing and nervous "umm... ex.. excuse me sir, could you move" he turned around and looked at me like I was George Bush (hippies hate George Bush, don't you know). I did get away from the festival and some riding was had.

The ride took me from Mill Creek across the river to Capilano bridge where I crossed and came back on the south side. I had hoped to hit upper Ewok but was feeling quite rough and didn't want to push it. The bulk of the ride was off pavement and a good portion of single track was devoured. The trails were very tacky this morning but rideable. Slippery roots and wet branches wetting me as I rode by reminded me to take it easy in the technical sections. Puddles were there, in full force Edmonton style. Riding back I decided to go right through all the Folk Music madness again after all, it only happens once a year.

the exit from the trees to temporary tent city

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