Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sadly, The End of Summer is Near...

So I got out and enjoyed it. An incredibly hot September ride this evening where the temperatures were in the high 20's and I had the pleasure of what is most likely the last real hot ride of the year.  The heat bounced off the trail and slapped me in the face on the lower Ewok river trail which was quite enjoyable. I'm not nuts, I just know we won't be able to enjoy these moments soon as the snow will dramatically change the riding scope. The roots will be gone which is a real bummer about Winter. I may change my tune on the first few fat bike rides as it seems like everyone else does but I think it will be very hard to beat technical rock and rooty climbs that challenge you.

Although on the full suspension couch bike some of those technical sections were laughed at as I rolled over them in my squishy without a care in the world. I do see the joy this bike brings and retreat on my bad thoughts on replacing it with another hardtail. It is a blast to point this bike in certain directions, pedal, and conquer.

Mill Creek to Capilano park on mostly the south side of the river was ridden. The tentative plan was to hit Cambodia and Wally for some fun wall riding but that evil little bitch of a voice told me cross at Capilano and ride home on the north side cause you will probably be too tired. I hate that voice. I rode the very busy multi use on the north side from Capilano Park to Capilano bridge and was annoyed at all the people out, dog walkers galore and lots of weekend warrior type mountain bikers mixed with female joggers who revealed a bit too much who were running alone and it made me think of a very bad incident I witnessed on the same trail years ago. Do their Dads know they go out in the river valley like that.....!?

I needed some good trails and crossed and hit Rolling Below Roland going East to West and had multiple trail orgasms because it was so good. At the end after all the pleasure I smoked an after extreme pleasure cigarette with Rolling and we discussed all the other trails in the river valley and what they offer. Yes, I'm cheating on Victoria, but come on. You knew what that was!

hmmm, not your typical shitty frame to be abandoned. stolen maybe?

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