Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Lost Thumb War

officially the worst lone biker header shot ever, oh what a night
 Shit happens, I get it. Things could be a whole lot worse as I sit here icing a sore thumb after an unexpected thumb war occurred between my left thumb and the roots that took me over my handlebars after trying to catch up to Jason and Geoff after a light malfunction entering Old Timers. Lonebiker regulars Jason and Kent were a part of the first night ride of the season. It was my first ever ride with Fred and Geoff. Members of the hardcore bike club faithful. Which means: They are awesome dudes who sadly I did not get to know.

What part of the ride I experienced was great. Jason lead and took us on a singletrack excursion which was great and made me rethink my usual ride routes. It did tragically end quickly, after the crash I kept going but shards of pain shot up my arm when I tried holding onto the bar on the technicals. Once on the Gnome trail I got off and ran around the big log crossing right after the climb I knew I was done. It only got better when I wanted a bike group shot which would have been fantastic on the nice camera where I realized there was no memory card. Hence the crappy iPhone pics. Not my night... I rode home forlorn and let them continue their awesome journey.

Hearing reports back that the guys finished with no injuries or fatalities was good to hear. Night riding on mountain bikes can be pretty bad ass when you really think about it.

Was looking forward to this one all day, too bad it was so shitty, here's to tomorrow...

a pic sent after of the remaining four via kent

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