Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cast Away

 "So what did you break on this ride" was the question my younger daughter asked me as I walked in the house this morning after spending a few hours on paved trails in the river valley. She was referring to my bad luck lately where two broken ankles and a broken wrist have put a stop to the bike rides. Not to mention, a bout of pneumonia.

I am however questioning the broken wrist after only two and a half weeks the cast came off and the X-rays showed zero signs of trouble. Don't broken bones take 5-6 weeks to heal? That being said there was quite a bit of pain in my wrist when I held the bar normally resulting in my balled up fist seen at left which kept me off anything remotely scary. The multi use trails were even avoided on this one.

Getting out and spinning the cranks is what this morning was all about. I was so excited about today's ride I woke up at 4 am and played with my iPad waiting for morning to come so I could have my weekend pre ride spaghetti and coffee and go out and enjoy life for what is't worth.

I started in Capilano and followed the same path I took when I went for that river valley run. This time, it was quite a bit better. I did do something weird and when I was fully committed to my decision I wondered "what the fuck is wrong with me? Why did I come up here?" I ascended up and into the city and rode with traffic with a very sore hand. Limiting the fast rapid movements that I may need when some dumbass in a lifted Dodge diesel tries to take me out. I survived and quickly retreated back to the valley.

The ride back on the south side was what most of this morning was supposed to be. Leaves, amazing views and not a worry about becoming bait to some dumb hick in a pick up truck. Come on wrist. Heal up. I need some singletrack.

let's go oil-- ers!

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