Friday, December 26, 2014

Boxing Day Not Spent at Best Buy

Boxing Day. A day to spend on sultry, sexy trails in a sultry, sexy river valley, and spent well it was..

A meet-up with Jason was in urgent order. The last time I rolled with him I was riding home wincing in pain after breaking my wonderful scaphoid bone. That was much too long ago.

The ride from mid-Mill Creek took us through Hawerlak and into the backside of Mackinnon and then back into Hawerlak. The reason for the backtracking was the poor trail conditions in Mackinnon ravine. Odd, I just rode through there the other day. It was a bit dicey but I escaped with no problems. Today we had problems as we entered the second section heading East, the off camber section in the beginning sort of threw me off, and then threw Jason off with a bit more fury.

The decision was made to backtrack to the dog park and get chased by that awesome dog who chased us earlier yet again. What was his name? Shithead. Yes, I believe his name was Shithead. I hate unbehaved river valley dogs. I don't blame the dogs, I blame the owners. They are the true shitheads. Sadly on trip number two Shithead was gone.

The trails were a hit and miss all over the valley. Some were prime, others were beyond dicey. Jason was grinnning with a fury as his new tires were treating him quite well. A 45 North 5" Dillinger up front to carve into the off camber icy spots with a 45 North Vanhelga in the back to provide the traction and power. Quite the cool combo.

In the end I was toast. Quite the normal end to a ride with Jason. Thirty six kilometres of tough slugging through tight singletrack on a cold Boxing Day. Was this better than Christmas? Hmm...

somewhere down there is a terrible dog and some pretty fabulous trails
winter wonderland not quite captured by the camera (i quickly fired my ride photographer for not capturing winter)

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