Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve Ride. Two - Fourteen

My traditional get out by myself Christmas Eve ride was delicious. A quiet river valley with nobody to interfere and get in my way makes me a happy little biker. The few people that were down there were all in incredible moods. There is something about this time of year that ignites a fine glow in humans and I like it.

The highlight was seeing an older bald guy with a fresh tattoo of a scorpion on his forehead. Yep, pretty great. I had chatted with another guy about fat bikes and his love for electric bikes and being in the Christmas mood I did not condmen him for riding one of those atrocities. He had bike passion and it was awesome. After we were done he lit up a giant joint and rode on into Mackinnon with the humm of his electric motor, again. Yep, pretty great.

The ride from Old Timers Cabin to Mackinnon was met with ice on the singletrack in all the worst spots. Todays above 0 temperatures are not helping matters one bit. I had to take off my toque at one point in the ride as I was way too hot. Not cool for december. Not cool at all...

The riding highlight was the Mackinnon ravine singletrack. It was in awesome shape except for a few ass puckering glare iced sections. My first time on the Mackinnon singletrack and I giggled like a psychotic homeless man high on bath salts the whole time. That is some of the best singletrack in Edmonton and I got to ride it on Christmas eve. Yep, pretty great.

Merry Christmas, see you on Boxing Day for a shopping report. Ha Ha Ha...

i'm wondering what bike club will rename this trail after the car parts littered in it
some of the sights in the river valley are truly intriguing
presenting to the lonebiker faithful, my winter poverty shoes, duct tape for the win!

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