Thursday, January 22, 2015


The weather did me in today. I was out for a shortened version of yesterday wearing summer tights, a summer jersey under my jacket, and what would have been my summer riding gloves but I accidently brought two lefts. Doh!

The display on the Jeep driving in read 10°. Sorry but that is ridiculous and I knew it had the potential to be a complete shitshow down there.

I was right. It was a shitshow.

I only hit 7 kilometers until I just gave up. I was just not into riding through slush. This ride was literally the complete opposite of yesterday. Despite the rain, it wasn't nearly this warm and the trails held me.

I turned around on Gnome trail as I sunk into the snow making the already heavy and awkward fat bike feel like I was trying to pedal a tank. Not all south side trails were bad as I had ok trails on Old Timers Cabin. I could not see any of the sun exposed trails on the North side being of any use at the moment and tears roll down my cheek thinking of all that is being lost right now.

This is the Winter equivelent to a rainy Summer season.

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