Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Power of Spaghetti Compels Thee

Will I ever get tired of spaghetti? A question I have asked myself countless times over the years. With no sign of my pre ride pasta passion feast slowing down I do not see an end.

Today's trip to the river valley after another monotonous job search had me reach the 20 km mark and I felt like I hadn't really started yet. Thank you spaghetti! I will admit that most of that first 20 km's was on flat ground. A climb out of Laurier park beside the zoo so I could put Patricia Ravine in my cross hairs was probably the worst of the first 20 km.

Mackinnon 1 from sherijumper on Vimeo.

The day was looking like it would have been quite incredible, the trails were in prime condition and all the stars seemed to align making this one of those memorable top 10 year rides, which it was until the rain started to fall in Hawerlak park. The rain came down hard and I was soaked quickly and booked it back to Henrietta Louis Park as it would not stop raining.

I was pissed.

It's January. The coldest month of the year.

This weather is bullshit.

Despite the rain, one of the highlights was riding Skyline trail on frozen rain soaked trails. Serious ass puckering moments were had but I made it through unscathed. I had hoped to go into Mill Creek from the back door to the end and back to Henrietta Louise and possibly further.

My camelback, and coat were completely soaked on the outside so I threw in the towel on an amazing ride which had the potential of possibly being the ride of the year.

Everything flowed well today and it was awesome.

Patricia 1 from sherijumper on Vimeo.

before the freezing rain and dreams of a 60 km plus ride
soaked camelback and clothes on ice ladened trails, in the end i wussed out, i should have kept going

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