Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dead Legs

A small group of surly looking teenage kids made fun of my bike today and quite frankly. I'm still quite upset. They mocked the big dumb looking tires and made fun of me because I would ride something that looked so stupid. My only guess is these kids are in "Bubba" training from their hick Alberta parents which made no sense as this happened in Rossdale. There are no hicks that live in Rossdale, or anywhere near that area for that matter. I can only think they were lost and scared and had to take it out on me and my poor bike.

The fat bike attention was strong on tonight's ride from Capilano to the glorious LRT bridge and back with a crossing on the all so glorious High Level of course where a guy in a car drove beside me and kept yelling at how awesome fat bikes were. It was real strange, have these things become a cult? An Edmonton Journal article and the Edmonton Police getting some in their patrol fleet is capturing the attention of lot's of people.

The ride was not one to be put in the record books. My legs had zero spunk tonight and I just about turned around after the 4.5km mark. I still felt I could ride just on nothing too sketchy so I kept it very quiet after the Dawson Park trails. Trails I might add are in good condition now thanks to the cool weather. I could see the need for a full suspension fat bike for the first time this year as the pock marked trails which froze to all the deformities attributed to the warm weather made things quite bumpy.

Bring on the snow..

lets ruin the snow and make a potty break photo

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